In the area of stem cell research, it is estimated that upwards of 4 trillion dollars a year are spent on research. Many people have put their faith in stem cell research for curing diseases, paralysis and even cancers. Over the past 30 years Scientist, Dr. Yacobi spent millions of dollars and countless hours. His focus was on finding the right treatment, testing, spending on trial and purchasing most highest-quality ingredients. Today, we are seeking an additional short-term (10 year) investment, to supplement initial cash flows from sales for the first year. We anticipate a first year net profit. This should grow substantially by year three. SNP Bioscience B.V. will have a very respectable net worth. We have an enormous global demand for these medicinal products. Due to legal obligations and regulation we cannot sell until we patent and register our products one by one. Marketing will follow from industry and trade and pharmaceutical awareness campaigns to specific executions directed at specific customer segments. SNP Bioscience BV. will achieve its initial sales goals from direct and distributed sales of the “MayX®”. Worldwide sales through distributors will provide needed cash flow.

SNP Bioscience BV.'s sales strategy is to open foreign markets on a limited basis at the beginning of 2016/17 depending on the procedure of the registration, clinical trial and patent. In order to fully embrace these markets in '2016/17”; along with initial penetration of the world market it is imperative that we do so with the “MayX” brand. Additionally, the strategy is to license the “MayX®” to a major pharmaceuticals company due to its increased regulatory requirements and initial marketing costs especially because it is a new segment entry.

This sales forecast includes unit sales into the international market: Canadian, North American, European and Global. The product is the “MayX®”. Unit sales are at €1200 per package for 6 months, €2400 per package for 12 months, €4800 per package for 24 months and €7200 per package for 36 months depending on disease history, age, height, weight and condition.

In venture financing, lenders invest in a business in exchange for part ownership of the company. This provides the business owners with funding to further grow their business. In addition, in venture financing the investor normally only makes their money back if the business is acquired or has an initial public offering. However, with royalty-based financing the business owner does not have to share ownership of the company with the investors. Investors instead receive a monthly payout based on the revenue of the company. We are offering to any investment a return of 25% revenue for 3 straight years from our net revenue. We are looking for €50,000 000 for one product. This coverage will finance office administration and production facility to make these medications. In the estimation projection below we have calculated revenues based on a 10 year investment. We offer our investors 7 additional years of a 25% return on revenue as a long-term investment.

After a 10 year investment, our loyal fellow investors can opt to work with us as a product distributor anywhere else in the world. This offer is only for one product at €50,000 000 SNP Bioscience B.V. will employ experts that specialize in all phases of pharmaceutical development – from critical pre-formulation studies to commercial product life-cycle management.

SNP Bioscience B.V., produces and markets 12 distinct brand products available depending on the investor (s) capability and desire. He/she /they can choose any of these following “MayX”® brands. “MayX”® is the main name of the Immune Metabolism Disease process that is composed of Nine (9) and (3) in different brands specifically formulated

Important message for Investor(S) Only

1. Long Term Investment

If you require to see our business plan by entering code below. If you don't have access to the code "Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance." Our business Plan is one of our most important tools in planning for the future of our business. It outlines our vision, what we want to achieve and how we plan to get there. The process of putting this plan together helps us set the course for our business. Preparing for obstacles, allocating resources and planning for opportunities. You will find 12 books for each Province or countries such Global, Canadian, American and European that include the business Plan, and projection of 12 distinct brand products.

2. Short Term Investment

An account in the current assets section of a SNP Bioscience Bv.,'s balance sheet. This account will contains any investments that a company has made that will expire within five year. Short-term investments are any assets that are anticipated to expire or to be liquidated within the course three to five years. The goal of this type of asset is to protect capital with low-risk investments. However, with low risk, the return on short-term investments usually is very low, we are offering a better return. Please enter the code below and find «Allergy-Hay Fever» business plan projections for a short terms investment of 5 years.

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