Dos and Don'ts


Not surprisingly the combination of certain foods and your medication(s) can often affect how the drug is broken down, absorbed or metabolized in your liver.

Drug interactions may make your drug less effective, cause unexpected side effects, or increase the action of a particular drug. Some drug interactions can even be harmful to you. The habitual use of alcohol, Candies, chocolate, coffee, black tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, sodas, sports gels, sports goo, pain drugs, tobacco and various drugs is harmful to the average person and in no way promotes better body function. We can be easily fooled by misleading advertisements into believing that such things are helpful. For years, doctors told patients with cardiac problems to avoid the stimulant entirely.

Ranging in severity from mild to severe, some medication side effects can go from being uncomfortable to unbearable and from harmless to dangerous. Adverse side effects that are most commonly associated with this drug’s consumption include dry mouth, sore throat, headache, migraine, agitation, insomnia, constipation, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, tremor, side effects sweating, restlessness, anxiety, dizziness, ringing in the ears, side effects rashes, seizures and more. For Example Prescription painkillers are powerful drugs that can be dangerous, or even deadly, especially when taken at high doses or combined with alcohol. A single large dose can cause breathing difficulty that can lead to death.

The “MayX®”, therapeutic biomedical brand of products that is used in treating internal diseases of the human body followed by Yacobi Biomedical procedures.“MayX®” products target the mineral waste material that affect different organs in the body, dissolves it and safely removes it through the urine. The task of discovering and developing safe and effective drugs is even more promising as our knowledge of disease increases. As Scientist Dr. Yacobi works to harness this knowledge, it is becoming an increasingly challenging undertaking. Why so many compounds don’t make it and why it takes such a large, lengthy effort to get one medicine to patients? The best scientific minds, highly sophisticated technology and Medical project management. It also takes persistence and, sometimes, luck. Ultimately, though, the process of drug discovery brings hope and relief to millions of patients. As we have mentioned before that The “MayX®” brands, is made with 100%natural, toxin free, chemical free extracts made from the highest-quality natural ingredients.

Scientist Dr. Yacobi recommend his patients “should not consume” any of listed food and beverage above and below pictures and details. Our bodies are gifts. When you look at how complex and how interactive the cells in our bodies really are, you kind of gain a new appreciation for how fragile they are, too. So why would anybody put anything into his bodythat is so harmful to it? Our stomach is one of those bodily organs that is largely unstable in electrical terms and when there is over-eating or there is junk food ingested, this overstresses the stomach and the organs concerned with digestion become chemically and electrically at fault. The resulting faults in the surrounding energy would not only cause alimentary and digestive disorders, but also mental disorders. Such a person would have weak and low charge energy surrounding him making him more vulnerable to unsteady fields of energy. Health is indeed a favour that we take for granted. We should express gratitude to God for bestowing us with health, and we should try are up most to look after it. God has entrusted us with our bodies for a predestined period of time. He will hold us to account on how we looked after and utilized our bodies and good health.

Most Dangerous Beverage! Please do not consume while taking our natural biomedical treatment

After 10 minutes

Ten tea spoons of sugar contained in a glass of soda, cause devastating “strike” on the organism and the only cause, by reason of not vomiting, is the phosphoric acid which inhibits the action of sugar.

After 20 minutes

A leap of insulin levels in bloodstream occurs. The liver converts all the sugar into fat.

After 40 minutes

Ingestion of caffeine is finally completed. The eye pupils are expanding. Blood pressure rises, because the liver disposes more sugar into bloodstream. The adenosine receptors get blocked, thereby preventing drowsiness.

After 45 minutes

Body raises production of dopamine hormone, which stimulates the brain pleasure center. Heroin has the same principle of operation.

After 60 minutes

Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, which supercharges metabolism. Releasing of calcium through urine also rises.

More than 60 minutes

The calcium, magnesium and zinc – are removed out of the organism, which are a part of our bones, as well as sodium. At this time we have already become irritable or subdued. The whole quantity of water, contained in a “Soft drink”, is removed by the urine. Actually, when having a cold bottle of soda and enjoying its undeniable freshness, do we know what chemical “cocktail” we pour into our throats?

The active ingredient of soda is orthophosphoric acid. Due to its high acidity, cisterns used for transporting of the concentrate have to be equipped with special reservoirs designed for highly corrosive materials.

Let’s have a look at “the anatomy” of one of the most advertised products of “Soft drink”“Soft drink light” without caffeine. This drink contains Aqua Carbonated, E150D, E952, E951, E338, E330, Aromas, E211.

E150D (Contain) Ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 , is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulphur

950 Acesulfame Potassium – 200 times sweeter than sugar, containing methyl ether, where it aggravates the operation of the cardiovascular system. Likewise, it contains asparaginic acid which can also cause excitant effect on our nervous system and in time it can lead to addiction. Acesulfame is badly dissolved and is not recommended for use by children and pregnant women.

E951 -Aspartame – a sugar substitute for diabetics and is chemically unstable: at elevated temperature it breaks down into methanol and phenylalanine. Methanol is very dangerous: 5-10ml can cause destruction of the optic nerve and irreversible blindness. In warm soft drinks, aspartame transforms into formaldehyde which is very strong carcinogen. Some number of cases with aspartame poisoning include: unconsciousness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, fainting, joint pains, depression, fertility, hearing loss and etc. Aspartame can also provoke the following diseases: brain tumors, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Graves’ disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental deficiency and tuberculosis.

E338-Orthophosphoric – This can cause irritation of skin and eyes. It is used for production of phosphoric acid salts of ammonia, sodium, calcium, aluminum and also in organic synthesis for production of charcoal and film tapes, for production of refractory materials, ceramics, glass, fertilizers, synthetic detergents, medicine, metalworking, and textile and oil industries. Food orthophosphoric acid is used in the production of carbonated water and for preparation of ingredients in pastry. It is known that orthophosphoric acid interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron from the body, which can cause weakening of bones and osteoporosis. Other side effects are thirst and skin rashes.

E330-Citric Acid – It is widely spread in nature and is used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Salts of citric acid (citrates) are used in food industry as acids, preservatives, stabilizers, and in medical fields – for preserving blood. Aromas – unknown aromatic additives

E211-Sodium Benzoate – It is used in production of soe food products, as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. These products refer to jams, fruit juices and fruit yoghurts. It’s not recommended for use by asthmatics and people who are sensitive to aspirin. A study conducted by Peter Piper at the Sheffield University in Britain, found that this compound causes significant damage to DNA. According to his words, sodium benzoate which is an active component in preservatives doesn’t destroy DNA, but deactivating it. This can lead to cirrhosis and degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

E952-Sodium Cyclamate – is a sugar substitute. Cyclamate is a synthetic chemical, has sweet taste, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar, and is used as an artificial sweetener. In 1969 it was banned by FDA, since it as well as saccharin and aspartame, caused cancer in rats’ urinary bladder. In 1975, prohibition seized also Japan, South Korea and Singapore. In 1979, WHO (World Health Organization), “who knows why?” rehabilitated cyclamates and recognizing them as safe.

Aqua Carbonated – this is sparkling water. It stirs gastric secretion, increases the acidity of the gastric juice and provokes flatulence – plenty evolution of gases. Furthermore, spring water is not used, but is used regular filtered water. So, what turns out? Well, it turns out that “the secret recipe” of soda is just one advertising play. What kind of secret may be there, when it’s well known to us that this is a weak solution of cocaine with preservatives, colourants, stabilizers and etc. I.e., this is legalized cocaine addiction plus pure poison. Diet “Soft drink” is even worse, because the aspartame in it, replaces sugar, becoming pure neurotoxic poison.

A stimulant that affects kids and adults similarly, caffeine is a drug that's naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. Caffeine is also made artificially and added to certain foods. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system. At lower levels, it can make people feel more alert and energetic. It a dangerous combination when you add all the above ingredients containing in the soft drink of your child, a sick person or a normal adult. It is bad for everyone that consume it in a daily basis, there is patient that drink almost 14 cans to 20 cans of Soda or Soft drink.

Alcohol Causes Damage To Your Internal Body. Please Do Not Consume Wile Taking Our Natural Biomedical Treatment

The peripheral nerves may be damaged causing changes in sensation and numbness. The brain may be affected causing confusion and memory loss. The liver's function is to break-down the alcool, but prolonged excess can cause scarring of the liver called cirrhosis. It may also cause disease of the pancreas and inflammation of the stomach. In some patients it may predispose to stomac cancer.

Excess alcohol can produce heart irregularities and weakening of the muscle of the heart wall. It can also upset the body's natural control of blood fats and blood sugar levels. Prolonged alcohol may also have an effect on the bones causing bone thinning called osteoporosis and reduce the production of blood cells. The effect of alcohol varies from person to person although it is greatest among women. For this reason women should set their limits at a lower level.

White Meat With Deadly Cholesterol and Bacteria

According to researchers, Analysis of lard, pork-chop and ground-pork samples from around the U.S. found that yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium that can cause fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, was widespread. Some samples harbored other potentially harmful bacteria, including salmonella. And there are more reasons to be concerned about “the other white meat.”

Some of the bacteria we found in 198 samples proved to be resistant to antibiotics commonly used to treat people. The frequent use of low-dose antibiotics in pork farming may be accelerating the growth of drug-resistant “super bugs” that threaten human health.

About one-fifth of the 240 pork products that has been analyzed in a separate test harboured low levels of the drug ractopamine, here are details from our tests:

  • Yersinia enterocolitica was in 69 percent of the tested pork samples. It infects about 100,000 Americans a year, especially children. They found salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, or listeria monocytogenes, more common causes of foodborne illness, in 3 to 7 percent of samples. And 11 percent harboured enterococcus, which can indicate fecal contamination and can cause problems such as urinary-tract infections.
  • Some of the bacteria found were resistant to multiple drugs or classes of drugs. That’s worrisome, because if those bugs make you sick, your doctor may need to prescribe more powerful (and expensive) antibiotics.
  • Ground pork was more likely than pork chops to harbor pathogens. That’s to be expected, since grinding meat provides another opportunity for contamination.
  • Some antibiotic claims you’ll see on packaging are misleading. And a “no hormones added” claim might

Avoid Bad Cholesterol and Bacteria that will do damage to your liver

  • Avoid foods that will do damage to your liver. Foods that are processed and contain lots of preservatives, fats and cholesterol can cause the liver to become congested and clogged with fat residue. Clean out your liver by avoiding processed or fatty foods to allow the liver to unblock itself and regenerate cells.
  • Avoid fast food. In particular, try to avoid deep fried food or preserved meat (such as sausage,bacon, corned beef, etc.)
  • Avoid bad fats. Fatty red meat, deep fried food, and processed fats should all be avoided, as they can clog up your liver. Processed fats include margarine, shortening, and hydrogenated oils.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, colourings, and preservatives. It is best to go the natural route when cleansing your liver.

Green Tea Is A Good Drink while taking our natural biomedical treatment

According to expert researchers drinking green tea is rich in catechins, a type of plant antioxidant that boosts liver function and helps reduce fat storage in the liver.Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, originating in China but widely used throughout Asia this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer. The reason that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is (apparently) due to the processing. Black tea is processed in a way that allows for fermentation whereas green tea’s processing avoids the fermentation process. As a result, green tea retains maximum amount of antioxidants and poly-phenols the substances that give green tea its many benefits.

Drink natural fruit smoothies. Fruits like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries all enhance the health of the liver. These fruits have organic acids that lower sugar blood levels, and will help you to burn fat, decreasing your chances of fatty liver diseases.

Make your own juice fast. Fasting is a sure-fire ways to cleanse the liver. Most fasts involve eating only fruits and vegetables, or drinking only fruit and veggie juices, for a certain period of time. There are many different cleanses out there--you have to pick one that is right for your body.

Certain vegetables contain nutrients like beta carotene that stimulate liver cells and protect the liver from toxins. Dark, leafy greens like spinach encourage cell growth and stimulate the liver, while beets protect bile ducts in the liver from toxin damage. Aim for 5 servings of vegetables daily and include those that contain liver-aiding nutrients.

Eat avocados twice a week. Avocados are delicious and have glutathione-producing compounds. These compounds help to prevent the liver from toxic overload.

Eat walnuts. Walnuts have high levels of l-arginine (an amino acid) glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids which help to cleanse the liver of disease-causing ammonia. Extracts of their shells are used in many liver-cleansing formulas.

Eat grapefruit. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which promote a healthy liver cleanse. Grapefruit boosts detoxification enzymes in the liver and has a flavonoid compound known as naringenin which causes the liver to burn fat rather than store it.

Commercial Chocolate: Yummy but Toxic! Please do not consume while taking our natural biomedical treatment. It is not a food. It is a toxin.

It also seems that the darker the chocolate, the better it is for the health. Research has shown that dark chocolate has as many as five times more anti-oxidants than normal chocolate you buy from the market stores.

Real Cocoa is higher in antioxidants than wine or green tea. These high antioxidant levels can lower cholesterol, boost blood flow, and reduce hypertension. When you reach for that decadent dark chocolate bar to satisfy your sweet tooth, you are also defending yourself against the flu. Dark chocolate is full of flavenols that allow it to have one of the highest antioxidant ratings of all natural occurring foods. But, the effectiveness of cacoa’s ability to boost your immune system decreases with the addition of milk and sugar. Pass up the milk chocolate and look for chocolate that is 65-70% cocoa. The higher the cocoa content, the better it is for your body.

Researchers suspect that this lead contamination doesn't come from the producer but rather during the shipping and/or manufacturing of the cocoa beans into cocoa and chocolate products.They speculate that one source of contamination of the processed, finished chocolates might be atmospheric emissions of leaded gasoline. high capacity of cocoa bean shells to adsorb lead, contamination from leaded gasoline emissions may occur during the fermentation and sun-drying of unshelled beans at cocoa farms." Lead exposure can be quite dangerous, particularly to children. For example, it can lead to permanent developmental deficits. High lead levels can harm a child's ability to think, plan, organize and memorize.

Chocoalte contains:

  1. Sugar
  2. Caffeine. This is an aging drug. It puts your body into stress. It makes people tired so that they then crave more of the drug which made them tired in the first place, just because it gives them an initial kick which exhausts their adrenal glands.
  3. Phenylethylamine
  4. Very high oxalate conent, especially in cocoa This can cause kidney stones.
  5. Anandamide.
  6. chocolate can be contaminated with very high quantities of lead.
  7. 50% of all chocolate, cocoa and chocolate flavouring is farmed by real slaves, many of them children. (The exception to this is organic and fair trade chocolate and cocoa).

Don't: Go for any milk chocolate bar off the shelf, which is not only lacking in poly phenol power, but is also probably loaded with added sugar and milk. If those are the first two ingredients on the label, move along. Chocolate may weaken bones a study of elderly women who ate chocolate daily found that their bones were not as dense as those who ate it less than once a week. It’s possible that the oxalate in chocolate stops calcium absorption, and sugar may increase calcium excretion. Chocolate is high in fat. You get a lot of calories in a relatively small volume of chocolate: One ounce (28 grams) of 60 percent cocoa has 162 calories. On average, about 50 percent of the energy in chocolate is from fat. But in chocolate’s favour is the fact that about half of its saturated fat is stearic acid, which raises “good” HDL cholesterol and doesn’t increase “bad” LDL cholesterol. Its high fat content helps control release of glucose into the blood system, so it is not all bad for people with diabetes.

Stick to the original Dark chocolate made at home or farm but prevent the chocolate made at the manufacture, we guaranteed they want taste the same

Do Not Consume Coffee While Taking Our Natural Biomedical Treatment

According to researchers, it appears that drinking coffee may interfere with your body's ability to keep homocysteine and cholesterol levels in check, most likely by inhibiting the action of the vitamins folate, B12 or B6. Coffee has been previously associated with increased risk of stroke and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have also shown that caffeine in coffee can raise blood pressure and levels of stress hormones, and if consumed in large quantities it can lead to heart palpitations, jitters and nervousness. void sugar and milk. These are actually much worse for you than the coffee itself. Don't compound the detrimental health effects by adding milk or sugar to your coffee.

The caffeine in coffee can have several negative effects, such as temporary insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, stomach issues, rapid heartbeat and muscle tremors. It increases homo cysteine (increasing risk for heart disease, depression, cancer and dementia) and depletes vitamins and causes mineral loss, including magnesium the relaxation mineral. It causes urinary excretion of calcium and contributes to osteoporosis. It can cause diarrhea, reflux and heartburn. It may interact with common medications such as Tylenol, causing liver damage. Coffee increases risk of stillbirths and iron deficiency in mothers and has a negative effect on the quality of life for many who drink it -- they sleep poorly and are more tired and irritable and anxious. For something that is supposed to give you more energy, it usually offers only a brief lift with increasingly-diminishing returns.

One of the main differences between green tea and black tea is the caffeine levels that they contain. black tea contains two to three times more caffeine than green tea. Although caffeine has been linked to an increase in weight loss, the general consensus among medical professionals is that too much caffeine is not a good thing. If you want to watch your caffeine intake, you may consider drinking green tea more frequently than black tea. Ultimately, both black and green teas are very healthy and provide similar health benefits. While green tea does contain lower levels of caffeine than black tea, both are known to be very healthy. Green tea is simply better known for its health benefits than black tea is.