Competitive Comparison


The leading product will be available as soon we receive the investment to patent and register our product(s) in the market. This is the only successful treatment brand production made by Dutch Scientist, Dr. Yacobi. Thousands of people have tried it and been successfully treated and many patients waiting for the day it can be served by the pharmaceutical industry as prescription drugs. Scientist, Dr. M.A. Yacobi, the founder of these therapeutic biomedical products and SNP Bioscience B.V. had significant participation in the design of Brand “MayX®”. He is aware of both its strengths and performance. The “MayX®” brand is a much improved product for a rapidly growing demand in market application.

Many of the product advantages were highlighted in the beginning section of this plan to summarize the key advantages:  

  • “MayX®” itself enables the organs to heal and provide definite alleviation.
  • “MayX®” has better field of view.
  • “MayX®” works internally and gives full protection to the immune system.
  • “MayX®” Significant cost reductions, some other medications in the market are expensive and you will have to use them for the rest of your life. If you calculate it you will see a big difference between our cost and the market cost. Imagine paying 6 to 36 month for treating a disease instead taking some medication up to 36 years to life.
  • The “MayX®” brand represents an entirely new line of products with no current competition. Their use can potentially range from intestines, brain, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and all internal problems. “MayX®” will prevent patients from facing surgical procedures. Together they solve the well documented and acknowledged problem of lack of malfunction in immune metabolism disease. The “MayX®” also allows an improved and more efficient means of removing, cleansing, and alleviating infected areas in the body.

Sales Literature

Sales literature for SNP Bioscience B.V. remains to be known by many ill patients around the world that volunteer to test it with unbelievable results and many seeking to see it developed in the global market.

SNP Bioscience B.V. will perform final assembly and distribution from its own facility in Netherlands or utilizing contract manufacturing depending on the extent of financial support from the government or investors. We take pride in our uncompromising adherence to the highest standards of quality treatment, a culture of quality that demands that we do things right the first time, on-time, and every time while providing outstanding service and customer support.

Market Analysis Summary

The two key factors influencing discussion of SNP Bioscience B.V.'s market are the medical procedures and product usage statistics and the customer or chain of distribution considerations. In both cases the trends are upwards in the favor of SNP Bioscience B.V. “MayX®” will be growing rapidly and manage the lowest costs of total treatment. The following sections explain how both offer great market potential to SNP Bioscience B.V.

Market Segmentation

The potential customers of SNP Bioscience B.V. are both domestic and foreign. Domestic customers include managed care groups, pharmaceuticals, hospital administration groups, physician groups, independent physicians and medical supply houses. The market is dominated by managed care groups. The foreign market includes many of the above segments but also includes key distributors. For example, only four distributors are required to penetrate the European, Middle Eastern, African, Central, South American and Chinese markets. Some of these distributors have already been identified.