Company Profile

SNP Bioscience B.V. is a global biomedical company dedicated to the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments for health problems. The SNP Bioscience B.V. aims at identifying the causes of disease, improving diagnosis and prevention. This singular focus guides our strategy and defines our commitment to customers, employees and shareholders. These attributes make us uniquely qualified to solve today’s challenges and uncover solutions for tomorrow’s opportunities.

SNP Bioscience B.V., will successfully undertake many challenges. Our mission is to help prevent and heal diseases by educating the public and by teaching and combining top-quality scientific research with compassion and humanity to produce inexpensive health-giving products.

SNP Bioscience B.V., can now fight and clean any blockages in the human body by using Bio Medicine Yacobi Capsule Treatment” called “MayX”®. Unbalanced and faulty metabolism will then start functioning effectively, and blood circulation and organs will again be properly regulated. At SNP Bioscience B.V., where we strive to combine the very highest quality bio-organic remedies and services for our patients with the cutting edge of “Bio Science”.

Over-all the product must deliver performance as promised in order to do a procedure more effectively with no side-effects or complications. Time saving and effectiveness are the key economic parameters. SNP Bioscience BV, will succeed based upon the capability of its products. They are already competitive in price and guaranteed treatment. After initial market resistance to any new product, SNP Bioscience BV.'s products can grow to dominate a market segment.