Yacobi Biomedical Therapeutics Treatments

Creating marketing strategies and tactics to position ourselves as leaders in providing clinical product solutions to help facilities manage the complications of disease.


SNP Bioscience B.V. , is a leading company research in the natural medical treatment that combines over 30 years of expertise in finding internal diseases solution and healing with dedicated research and development of new natural products for the natural medical bio-medicine industry. SNP Bioscience B.V. , with our commitment to play a pivotal role in the advancement of affordable and effective medical treatment for the suffering. Problems with medical side-effects can be solved and the distress of patients can be alleviated greatly by applying our advanced medical techniques. Our “unique techniques” can and will facilitate effective treatment to provide ease and to heal many patients with a minimum of discomfort and distress. “Superb techniques” and “excellent research” are essential to such a venture as ours.

SNP Bioscience B.V. is a global biomedical company dedicated to the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments for health problems. This singular focus guides our strategy and defines our commitment to customers, employees and shareholders. These attributes make us uniquely qualified to solve today’s challenges and uncover solutions for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Yacobi Biomedical therapeutics are already fully developed, they do not have to be discovered, purified, characterized, and tested in labs before every undergoing clinical trials. We have been testing our bio-medicine for the last 25 years on patients that have volunteered willingly to be tested. Based on our testing, the data we gathered have been a very positive. Performance results have proven to be successful as an excellent treatment.Since our inception, we have never received any complaints or unsatisfied patients.

Thousands of patients from all over the world with the most complicated diseases have visited our clinic in the Netherlands. Today we are ready to enter Phase II and III clinical testing. The clinical trials must only be designed to assess the effectiveness of the new medications on a specific kind of patients, for the sake of establishing a testing protocol and final testing. The process of developing and launching a drug is tremendously lowered by the covered lead time and costs. Yacobi Biomedical therapeutics has an excellent starting point for the future innovations.

By living this mission, SNP Bioscience B.V. will achieve its vision of becoming the trusted leader in transforming Biomedical Production and services into solutions that improve health, wellness to humanitarian.

Using relationships with decision makers at major medical manufacturers in China, EuropeCanada and USA, we intend to gain unique access to produce our line of therapeutic products into their facilities. This will allow us to provide quality production and fast delivery to our customers, pharmacies, distributors and wholesalers around the world. This is will "pre-qualify" sales opportunities to SNP BIOSCIENCE BV.

SNP Bioscience B.V. has calculated a break-even point for sales once full management staffing and facility costs are reached. Included are payroll and purchasing considerations. The break-even target can sustain SNP Bioscience B.V. in operation in the beginning of 2016 and throughout 2019-2026 even if expansion and capitalization plans are late in materializing. It is anticipated that direct sales can produce these numbers and more in European, Middle Eastern, and African markets since those markets are not as dominated by managed care. A distributor has been identified for those markets as well as a distributor for Latin and South America, and a distributor for China.

Brands “Namlat A”®”, “Namlat B”®”, “Hasasya AR80”®”, “Kimosa”®”“MayX”®-regulates metabolism, this developed medication successfully ensures that bodily waste products ultimately leave the body. The unsettled metabolism will start functioning and blood circulation and organs will again be regulated. This significant discovery allows the body to regain its normal function and the patient to remain healthy. Scientist, Dr. Yacobi has done an extensive forty year study on how to treat each disease he has discovered many different formula, each formula carries a name and number “MayX”+®.

We participate in social and environmental initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people around the world. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is key to the way we operate. We are committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards and we encourage and support all our companies to have a positive impact in everything they do, whether it's in the workplace or local community. SNP Bioscience B.V. maintains and promotes high standards of corporate responsibility. We have upheld these responsibilities on a less formal footing for a number of years. This policy has been issued to formalize our commitment as a responsible employer, supplier, customer and neighbour.

SNP Bioscience B.V. is driven to transform the treatment of some of the world’s most expensive epidemic diseases. To make this vision a reality, we have made several key commitments to ourselves, our customers and the patients they serve. We fulfil our social responsibility by developing leaders, contributing to our communities, and improving the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge. We are driven by our vision and mission to transform the treatment of expensive epidemic diseases, including atrial fibrillation, heart failure, stroke, coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain. To be a fast growing, innovative enterprise meeting consumer and customer needs with a broad range of branded products while adhering to world class standards in high quality, low cost and quick response.

  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Innovation And Improvement
  • Quality, Honesty And Integrity
  • Working Unselfishly As One Team;
  • Integrity In All Of Our Endeavours
  • Supportive And Respectful Relationships
  • Be Fully Accountable And Execute Flawlessly;
  • Act With Integrity And Treat Others With Respect;
  • Delivering Quality And Service That Matters To Our Customers;
  • Responsible And Accountable For Our Actions And Our Performance;